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PuriBloc is the water purification technology inside GOpure, a portable, environmentally friendly Pod that keeps drinking water clean and safe, while also greatly improving its taste. Within seconds, contaminants found in ordinary tap water are neutralized and the pH is optimized for healthier water. GOpure keeps water fresher for longer and is designed for use in any water container such as a water bottle, pitcher or glass. The GOpure Pod is thumb-sized, easy to carry and can be used to purify tap water at home as well as anywhere you travel. Just one GOpure Pod replaces 2,000 single-use water bottles.

Inside the GOpure Pod is an advanced ceramic made from a special combination of food-grade ingredients that undergo a lengthy firing and sintering process at over 1,000ºC. The major structural component is a natural mineralized material known as Diatomaceous Earth (DE). When fired along with the other ingredients using a carefully controlled process, the high porosity advanced technical ceramic is formed. The properties of the resulting ceramic are such that the high porosity structure enables high surface area contact with water. The natural mineral-based ceramic emits trace minerals into water lacking them or adsorbs excess given certain water conditions. The trace minerals can act to alter the pH of water, influencing its alkalinity. This balancing activity together with adsorption of impurities imparts a fresher taste.

GOpure now enables all consumers “portable purification” by placing the Pod into any water container filled anywhere from any ordinary source of tap water. Coffee and tea made with GOpure water tastes better and any food prepared using water treated by GOpure will be more nutritious since none of the foods’ minerals will be lost to balancing mineral-deficient water.

PuriBloc’s technology is designed to keep drinking water clean and fresh, rather than to treat polluted water supplies. The GOpure Pod can be disposed of in non-recyclable domestic waste in accordance with local recycling laws.

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