about Bloc Enterprises

Bloc Enterprises, LLC is a specialized wholesale distribution company with exclusive distribution rights in the United States and United Kingdom for two remarkable new consumer healthcare products.

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NicoBloc is a natural, drug-free fluid applied to the filter-end of cigarette that blocks up to 99% of tar & nicotine without change in taste or loss of satisfaction. This patented method has proven success rates over 50% in helping smokers quit after many years of clinical trials and global market testing. NicoBloc is made from 100% natural ingredients and is drug-free so there are no side effects from its use. These unique attributes combine to make NicoBloc the only product of its kind anywhere in the world and perhaps the best available option for smokers unable to quit by any other means.

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PuriBloc is the water preservation technology inside GoPure, a portable, environmentally friendly Pod that keeps drinking water clean and safe, while also greatly improving its taste. Within seconds, contaminants found in ordinary tap water are neutralized and the pH is optimized for healthier water. PuriBloc keeps water fresher for longer and is designed for use in any water container such as a pitcher, coffee maker or water bottle. The GoPure Pod is a thumb-sized, portable Pod that can be used to purify tap water at home as well as anywhere you travel. Just one GoPure Pod replaces 2,000 single-use water bottles.

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Bloc Enterprises, LLC Launches PuriBloc GoPure Water Purification Pod

Wilton, CT (October 11, 2016) – Bloc Enterprises, LLC – a specialized distribution company with a focus on innovative consumer healthcare products – is changing the way the world enjoys drinking water with the launch of their PuriBloc GoPureTM pod – the first portable and continuous water enhancement device featuring PuriBloc water quality improvement technology. Pre-orders of the pod will be available on Fundable beginning October 11, 2016… Read More

NicoBloc USA Officially Launched by Veteran Entrepreneur Kent Atherton

Atherton Acquires Exclusive U.S. Distribution Rights to Innovative Healthcare Product That Blocks Tar and Nicotine, Helping Smokers Quit Gradually… Read More