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NicoBloc Package FrontNicoBloc helps blocks tar and nicotine from reaching smokers while they continue to smoke their own normal brand of cigarette. NicoBloc fluid is applied directly to the cigarette filter just prior to smoking and is absorbed into the filter. The fluid forms a viscous barrier that helps block nicotine and tar from passing into the smoker’s body. NicoBloc is made from all natural food grade ingredients, is 100% drug free with zero side effects and safe for all smokers. NicoBloc has global clearance as a general sale, over-the counter (OTC) product so there are no sales restrictions or prescriptions required. NicoBloc allows users to reduce their chemical intake from smoking gradually as opposed to the “cold turkey” requirements of smoking cessation products.

The OTC market is dominated by Nicotine Replacement Therapy products (NRT = nicotine gums, patches, lozenges and sprays), which require the smoker to substitute one form of nicotine delivery for another. By contrast, NicoBloc weans smokers off their addiction to nicotine gradually while continuing to smoke and minimizing the harmful effects of nicotine and tar intake. This process of reduced dependence makes it much easier to cut down in number of cigarettes smoked and then quit entirely. A common complaint amongst smokers who have attempted and failed to give up, often site their missing the physical act of smoking as a big contributing factor when deciding to smoke again.
NicoBloc Package BackNicoBloc fluid is easily applied to the cigarette filter in varying amounts. Smokers control the process themselves at their own pace and the dosage can be tailored according to each smoker’s objectives. As a result, the product appeals to a wide market, including those who are keen to stop smoking within a short period of time, as well as those who have set initial goals of just cutting down their intake. Consumer trials and test marketing has found that a six week period is the most effective timeframe for ensuring success rates over 60% as opposed to NRT product success rates that have averaged less than 10% (up to 20% with counseling).

NicoBloc has been formulated after decades of research & development, global test marketing, consumer studies, clinical trials, global regulatory clearances, global patents filed and trademarks registered.

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